LED Glow Alarm Clocks on Groupon


One(£8) or Two (£14.99) LED Glow Alarm Clocks fromChannel Goods (Up to 69% Off)

It is often said that time is a healer, but wristwatches make rubbish plasters. Stick to schedules with today’s Groupon from Channel Goods. Choose from following options:

£8 for one LED Glow alarm clock (67% off)
£14.99 for two LED Glow alarm clocks (69% off)
Snoozing with timely charm, this alarm clock glows with the light of a million fairies, or seven LEDs to be exact, each shining with a different magical colour. Spherical in shape, the digital timepiece is small, compact, and more than able to withstand sleepy slaps when morning calls. It can also be programmed to slip into snooze function and then come alive with a number of alarming sounds. Alternatively, drowsy heads can enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, minus the chirruping crickets and angry chimpanzees.