22 Piece Red Make Up Kit Mineral Brush Set



A flawless face and professional-looking results can now be achieved with this brush set

This 22 piece make up brush set, with all brushes you need to do your make-up! 
Essential brushes in one practical Classic Red kit.  Includes Face, Cheeks, Eye, Eyeliner, Lip Brushes, arranged in a fashionable Red makeup bag.

This is an essential brush set for a quick application and perfect finish make up. 

This complete range make up kit includes brushes for applying powder, blush, rouge, highlighting your cheeks. Brushes for creating shadows, adding shine. Brushes for eye shadows, eyebrow brushes, lip brushes, lash brush, eye-liner brush and much more! 
Extremely beautiful and classy case makes you feel confident wherever you might need to refresh your make up!  



  • Made of goat hair this is a high quality make up set
  • Protective portable roll-up holder bag - easy to carry!
  • Suitable for professional or home use

Package includes:

  • 22 x different style make up brushes for applying perfect make up 
  • 1 x Red pouch to keep all your brushes organised and in one place
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22 Piece Red Make Up Kit Mineral Brush Set

22 Piece Red Make Up Kit Mineral Brush Set