36W Tunnel Style UV Lamp Dryer For Nail Curing 4 bulbs


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Professional design for instant gel nails curing and nail polish drying!

Suitable for professional studio use and home use.
Reflective layers on the inner wall of the lamp - more effective for curing!
Easy to use - just plug in the power and press the button to turn on the light
Can be used both on finger nails and toe nails.
Professional UV Nail Curer Dryer for UV nail Applications. 


With this professional UV tube lamp you can dry the nail polish very quickly! 

1. Plug the cord to power socket, switch the II O I button to the position of "II" 
2. Put your hand or foot into the machine. Press the red 120 second timer button. The light will turn off automatically when timer stops.
3. Or you can switch the I 0 II button to the 'I' position to have the UV lamps turn on permenantly until you are finished
4. The bottom can be removed for a convenient replacing of tubes or cleaning the inside 
5. The bottom board can be replaced. 
The bulbs should be replaced regularly for keeping the efficiency. 
Wavelength of highest peak: 370.um (This wavelength is harmless to eyes, but advisable not to look straight at the light for a long time)


Weight: 1.535 kg 
Lenght/Witdh/Height: 27*23*11cm 
Power: 36w 
Voltage: 220V-230V 50Hz 100V-120V 60Hz 
Timer: 120 sec


1. The tubes should be replaced in every 6 month 
2. Do not look straight at UV tube light
3. For best results it is not suggested to extend or reduce the drying time

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36W Tunnel Style UV Lamp Dryer For Nail Curing 4 bulbs

36W Tunnel Style UV Lamp Dryer For Nail Curing 4 bulbs