9W Tunnel Style UV Lamp Dryer Light For Nail Curing



Professional design for instant gel nails curing and nail polish drying!
Suitable for professional studio use and home use.
Reflective layers on the inner wall of the lamp - more effective for curing!
Easy to use - just plug in the power and press the button to turn on the light
Can be used both on finger nails and toe nails.

How to use:

1. Plug the lamp to power socket, switch the O/I button to the position of "I".
2. Put your hand or leg into the machine, press the oval button behind the machine. The machine will light up and is ready to dry your nails.
Power: 9W 
Voltage: 220-240v 50hz; 100-110v 60hz 
Bulb: 1 pcs 9W UV bulb (Bulbs need to be replaced regularly to keep them working efficiantly)
Wavelength of highest peak: 370.um (This wavelength is harmless to eyes, but it is suggested not to look at the light for a long time)


  • Replace the tube in every 6 month 
  • Do not look straight at the UV light
  • Do not extend or reduce the using time

When inserting the tube please note: Hold the metal port of the tube from the inside (remember not to hold the head of the tube too firmly to avoid damage). When you hear a click, then it means the tube was applied successfully. To make sure the tube is attached, you can shake the lamp very sligtly to see if it still moves. 
The machine must be placed to a flat surface and the power cord must be stable 
Other beauty equipment (like nail polish, polish remover, creams etc) should not be near the machine

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9W Tunnel Style UV Lamp Dryer Light For Nail Curing

9W Tunnel Style UV Lamp Dryer Light For Nail Curing