Bluetooth handsfree transmitter car set



The essential car handsfree kit 4 in 1 with accessories

4 in 1: Handsfree Bluetooth, MP3 player and SD transmitter FM via port and USB plugs for phones and rechargeable devices
LCD backlit remote control provided to connect any cigarette lighters
Supplied with necessary accessories
Calling directly from the phone is not good, when on the road, because it can be dangerous. Therefore this Bluetooth set is a convenient and safe way to manage your personal or business calls, while on the move. You no longer have to choose between answering the phone and driving safely. Device provides excellent sound. 


4 main functions: hands-free bluetooth, MP3 player, FM transmitter and multi rechargeable cables
Micro SD slot or USB
Max Memory: 8Gb
206 Frequencies: 87.5MHz - 108Mhz
Current: 50mA
Frequency: 20Hz
Multifunctional Remote Control
LED digital display
12V cigarette lighter socket
Comes with instructions
1 year warranty
Cable 10 in 1

A USB cable to multiple I / O
Universal charger compatible with iPhone up to 4s / IPod / Itouch/Mini usb / Blackberry / Motorola / HTC / LG / Samsung / Sony Ericson / Nokia

Model spider to clip to all media devices

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Bluetooth handsfree transmitter car set

Bluetooth handsfree transmitter car set