ChannelGoods Portable Mini UV Germ Disinfector



The pocket UV Disinfector utilizes high-frequency UVC to offer optimal sterilization efficiency.



  • Portable UV disinfector destroys 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses in seconds, including E-coli, hepatitis, influenza and many others.
  • Same technology that is used in hospitals is safe for you to use at home, work or travel.
  • UV light turns on when unit is flipped open and sterilizes as you pass it over surfaces.
  • Uses 4 batteries (not included)


Other benefits include:

  • The inactivation of fungal spores which are responsible for mold growth, mildew, odors.
  • Sterilizing dishware, baby bottles and nipples, toothbrushes, phones, personal items, computer keyboards and mouses, children's toys, office equipment, door handles really any surface you can imagine can be sterilized safely.
  • The use of this "Disinfector" eliminates the use of caustic chemicals which can not only be dangerous to humans, but can ruin many common surfaces such as marble, granite, fine metals etc.
  • You can also use this unit to identify counterfeit currencies.
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ChannelGoods Portable Mini UV Germ Disinfector

ChannelGoods Portable Mini UV Germ Disinfector