Chatimal Speaking Hamster



We say what you say'! Talk to your furry Chatimal Hamster and they will repeat what you say in a high or low pitched voice whilst making realistic mouth movements. The Chatimal Hamster repeats 5 seconds of speech and chooses their pitch at random. You switch them on by squeezing their hand and they feature an auto switch off after 4 times of use.

  • Delightful little critters that will repeat whatever you say.
  • Choose from hamster and meerkat varieties.
  • The hamster/meerkat's voice changes from squealy high to oddly low at random.
  • Hamster supplied in either grey, brown or beige.
  • Meerkat supplied in brown.
  • Lips move when repeating your phrases.
  • Speak to a chatimal, and he'll tell you exactly what you want to hear!! 

A totally new innovation for 2010, Chatimals are a range of high quality plush items that you can speak to for up to 60 seconds and then your little furry friend will repeat back what you've said in either a high or low pitched voice, whichever you choose!
Try me function on the left foot
Select either the high or low pitch voice by squeezing the right foot.


  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).
  • Hamster: 20 x 14 x 12 cm approx.

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Chatimal Speaking Hamster

Chatimal Speaking Hamster