Colourful electronic key finder



Get help in looking for lost items - keys, remote controls, purses, glasses, canes & more

Press the button & a beeping sound & flashes of light guides you to the lost item
With LED flashlight & holder support
Great when locating lost items in the dark

Trying unsuccessfully to locate your keys is one of life’s most frustrating events, second only to finally finding your keys only to discover that you’re trying to open the wrong front door. Avoid self-loathing stemming from embarrassing occasions with a Key Finder that keeps your keys and other novelty items always in handy and organized. 

This clever little gadget puts an end to the never-ending quest to find vagabond keys, forcing it to divulge its location, no matter how nicely hidden it is, at the precise time that you need them. This tiny gadget comes with two parts, a receiver that can be attached with double-sided tape to any item and a removable transmitter that you can hold. The transmitter is equipped with a button which you can press to make the receiver instantly make a sound and send out light signals. This nifty device helps you find not only keys but also remote controls, purses, glasses, canes and more.

How to use:

Attach the color-coded receivers to your frequently lost items with the key rings or double sided adhesive tape

Press the colour-coded button on the transmitter & the receiver beeps and lights flash
Base support is also a good decoration for tables, TV benches, beds, desks, bookshelves & more
The remote control transmitter is removable from the holder and can be carried around


With LED flashlight & holder support
With On/Off switch to easily control flashlight
Working range: 30~40 meters (open space)
Sound: 70~80dB
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Accessories: key rings, double sided adhesive tape
Available in 4 colors: Silver, Red, Orange and Green

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Colourful electronic key finder

Colourful electronic key finder