Protective Unisex Shoe Covers



Material: Rubber/ Plastic

Colors: White Coffee


S  25cm, fits 33-34 shoe size

M 26cm, fits 35-36  shoe size

L 28cm, fits 37-39 shoe size 

XL 29cm,  fits 40-41  shoe size

XXL 31CM, fits 42-43  shoe size 

  • Protecting shoes from rain,water, mud spattered,keep your shoe clean and dry
  • Ovel design, ergonomic. Soles with excellent anti-slip properties to ensure your safety
  • Made of pure rubber material, high anti-slip performance
  • Tightly fit with elastic surrounding on the top to protect your shoes from rain and mud
  • Zipper closure
  • New PVC eco-friendly materials,non-toxic
  • Recycling use
  • Convenient for carrying, easily washed
  • Great for motorcyclists to keep the boot shoes away from wet while riding in the rainy day or hiking outdoor. Also ideal for snowmobiling, ancient architecture, scientific research institutions, medical institutions, hotels and prevent ground contamination



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Protective Unisex Shoe Covers

Protective Unisex Shoe Covers