Dog Coat Snowflake Reindeer Design




This Jumpsuit is the perfect coat for your dogs this Winter. Made with good, warm-quality material that will warm your lovely pets this season. It comes with 2 different designs to choose from that will make your pet the Winter fashionistas. 

Dogs will enjoy wearing these jumpsuits whether indoors or outdoors. They are a great choice for the Winter season but can also be great all year round as it provides comfort and warmth every time worn.

  • Super smooth Jumpsuit.
  • Soft fleece fabric.
  • Comfortable and warm.
  • Great Pink Snowflake or Grey Reindeer design
  • Machine washable.



Material: Fleece


            Chest  Back  Neck

S/M:       34      26      24

L:            42      29      26

XL/XXL:  52      39     35

Colors: Pink or Grey

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Dog Coat Snowflake Reindeer Design

Dog Coat Snowflake Reindeer Design