Digital Travel/Mailing Luggage Scale Hand Held+Strap,Max 100lb 44kg



Digital Travel/Mailing Hand Held Luggage Scale with Strap. Max 100lb 44kg

This is ideal for checking your luggages weight and the ambient temperature. This small handy scale is a perfect air travel companion. Strong strap to secure the luggage. Unit switch between kg, lb, oz, N and Temperature. 

Digital Luggage Scale for travellers and luggage handlers - a must-have tool for every traveller going out on vacation, for every hotel concierge, airport baggage handlers etc.

The digital luggage scale is small enough to bring along and strong enough for weighing up to 100 pounds, or 44 kilograms. Use it at home, at the office and for traveling. Make sure to weigh your luggage before check-in so you are not surprised to pay for extra weight. 

This Digital Luggage Scale features a simple way of weighing heavy items without the need to read the weight while lifting it. Simply attach the strap of the scale to the object or luggage, lift it off the ground for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound that indicates the weight has been locked on the display, set the object down, and read the weight on the screen. 


100% Brand New & High Quality
Do not pay luggage fees. This product will pay for itself in savings.
Don't pay overweight.
Solid heavy duty hook.
Very sturdy canvas belt loop (length 8cm).
Pack smart and weigh your own luggage.
The automatic hold feature allows you to lift the luggage, set it down on the floor and then check the weight.
Compact size for easy carry and transport.
Black with green highlights.
With buzzer and automatic hold result
Reset key: reset the reading to 0.
On/Off switch, auto shut off for saving battery.
Up to 100Lbs or 44 Kg, minimum 20g.
Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, not included.
Dimension: 14 x 7 x 2.2 cm.

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Digital Travel/Mailing Luggage Scale Hand Held+Strap,Max 100lb 44kg

Digital Travel/Mailing Luggage Scale Hand Held+Strap,Max 100lb 44kg