Electronic alarm clock project stars



LCD Magical Alarm Clock with LED Light Projecting Star Nature Sound

Magically projecting star with light brightness changing and rotating, with time, date, month and temperature display. Light rings with 7 colors changing circularly. Press the switch to make the ball rotate and press the top of the unit to enjoy nature sound.

Under time display mode, switch either 12h or 24h system
Projecting star with changing light brightness and rotating
Nature sound alarm and snooze function
Temperature function with Centigrade/Fahrenheit mode
LED digital tube time display with sound control function and long time display mode
LED digital tube display brightness adjust automatically as per the time changing
Seven color changing light ring
Powered by AAA battery (also powered by normal USB cable -the USB cable and mains adapter are not included in the package)


Seven colours light ring

Nature sound alarms

Star projection

LCD screen

Calendar function

Temperature display

Powered by: 3 x AAA battery (not included) 


Select a time
Electronic alarm clock project stars

Electronic alarm clock project stars