Final Fantasy XIII



Platform: Playstation 3

PEGI: Ages 16 and Over

Enter the world of Cocoon
Final Fantasy XIII is an action adventure role playing game (RPG) that takes place in the world of Pulse. Here, the story revolves around mechanical beings of immense power emanating from magical crystals inside their bodies. Over 1,000 years ago, one of these beings created a floating city known as Cocoon, which resides high above the surface of Pulse.
When the story switches to the present day in the Final Fantasy universe, a ruthless government controlling the city of Cocoon quarantines and exiles anyone from the city that may have ventured into the world of Pulse, owing to the fact that anyone who has been there suffers strange side effects.
In it you play as a number of characters including Lightning, Snow and Hope Estheim as you try to bring about the downfall of the city of Cocoon in a battle to save your own world from obliteration.

Embark on an incredible journey through the futuristic floating world of Cocoon and the forgotten wilderness of Pulse below.

Along the way, you'll meet a host of allies, each of which has a personal reason to join your fight.
The game's evolved Active Time Battle system will allow you to execute spectacular attack combinations and summon awesome Eidolons to assist you when the going gets tough.
With seamless transitions between real-time gameplay and in-game cinematics, there'll be no let-up once the action starts, so it's time to ask yourself: do you have the courage to face your destiny?


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Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII