Flying Alarm Clock



Do you have trouble getting up in the morning?
This alarm is sure to fix that!

When the alarm sounds, the propeller is launched up into the air and flies off into your bedroom. To stop the noise, you have to get up and replace the propeller, by then you are sure to be awake!

If the snooze button is hit, be sure that the propeller will set off on its morning mission once again. This is a terrific gift for the lazy and bone idle and it has already won a technology design award for its innovation.



  • Propeller flies off the top of the clock when alarm sounds 
  • Snooze function 
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries

Setup Instructions :

  1. Put the batteries in the clock. The port for the batteries is located on the underside of the clock itself. Open it up and install the four AA batteries.
  2. Set the time on the clock. Hold down the "Time" button. Now, press the "Hr" and "Min" buttons to change to the hours and minutes on the clock until the time is correctly set.
  3. Set the alarm clock. To set the time the alarm clock goes off, hold down the "Alarm" button and press the "Hr" and "Min" buttons in the same way you did to set the time. Make sure the switch on the middle of the faceplate of the clock is switched to the left, under "Al" so the alarm is active.
  4. Make the alarm stop. The alarm will go off at the time you set. To make it stop, you will need to find the propeller that was set flying by the clock. After you find it, plug it back into the base to shut off the alarm. 



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    Flying Alarm Clock

    Flying Alarm Clock