Foldable Insulation Thermal Food Plate Covers





MULTIPLE USAGE: These covers not only works perfect for outdoor party, cooking activities, BBQ, camping, picnic or home kitchen on bowls, plates, utensils, any opened drinks, snack and fruit but it also keeps salads cool and hot food warmer for longer.

These food tents unlike the traditional mesh shaped food cover, this aluminum foil heat shield is fully sealed, maximum dust proof, and effective in preventing airborne bacteria. It also keeps the food warm and small insects can’t go in.

STURDY AND EASY TO USE: These covers with inside thicker aluminum foil, waterproof material. It is made of premium quality galvanized steel so that it can offer sturdy support, extremely easy to pop-up and locks in place and simply fold for storage.

COLLAPSIBLE, WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: Clean the spot by wet scrubbing cloth, handwash it and air dry



PERFECT SIZE: Large size: 14.5"x14.5"x 5.9" (37cm x 37cm x 15cm)

                           Small size: 8.6"x8.6"x4.5" (22cm x 22 cm x 11.5cm)



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    Foldable Insulation Thermal Food Plate Covers

    Foldable Insulation Thermal Food Plate Covers