Folding LED Lamp with Calendar and Clock



LED Lamp with 18 LED Bulbs Foldable Rechargeable Portable Light with Calendar and Clock

The emitted light won't strain your eyes, which is essential for those who like spending countless hours reading novels, comic books and magazines or watching photo albums.

Color White or Pink
Moreover the bulbs don't heat allowing you to adjust the lamp without burning your hands.
Let your kids use this harmless light - even under their bed - with total peace of mind!
Offering both convenience and safety, this LED lamp is also economical and long-lasting.
Thanks to a higher light efficiency than common bulbs, it will last longer than usual bulbs. 
Save money and make the environment greener! After being fully charged, it can illuminate up to 10 hours. 
This LED lamp features also a calendar, thermometer, clock and alarm: all this information is displayed on the large screen located in the middle segment
This Folding LED Desk Lamp is the perfect lamp for your home and office by providing safe, discreet, bright and efficient white light.
Port: mini USB for charging
No harmful materials, no UV or infrared rays.
The smart LED book lamp is totally safe for your eyes.


Input power: USB 5V/500mAh
Lithium battery: 3.7V/1000mAh
Power for calendar: CR2025/3V
In the box: Table LED Lamp
Can be folded in any angle, easy to carry
Touch Button Operation Design
Brightness is adjustable, you can adjust the brightness to the level you want
Calendar Alarm Clock with Snooze funtion 

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Folding LED Lamp with Calendar and Clock

Folding LED Lamp with Calendar and Clock