Gel Nail UV Polish Pen Soak Off Fashionable Colours Stylish Shades



Best Nail Polish Colors 2012

The big news with nails this season: emphasis is on pretty, wearable shades of pink, cream and beige. That's not to say there aren't bold patterns and bright moments to be enjoyed, but it's all about classic reds, chic corals, soft pastels, deep purples and glittering designs.

We offer you a selection of various shades to suit best with your personality! Creamy shades of beige, pale pink, and dark red look refreshing on fingers.

One simple brush stroke is all it takes to create incredible designs!


Features :

  • Easy to apply
  • Pen can be refilled
  • One pen size: 3 ml
  • Products come in a nice box
  • Length of the pen: 12.5cm
  • Diameter: 1.2cm
  • Size of box: 13*13*6cm
  • Weight: 20g


  1. Always start with clean, buffed nails before applying any color of polish, whether you're going with a classic finish, something trendy or a print.
  2. Polish the surface of the natural nail or artificial (acrylic/gel) nail with nail file or nail buffer. Clean the surface of the nail from dust. 
  3. Lay down a clear gel coat on your nails with the gel polish pen once they are clean and dry. The brush is specially designed to provide most convenient applying of the gel layer. 
  4. Cure under UV lamp. 
  5. To make the gel last longer and more shiny you can also apply base gel and top coat. Base gel and top coat will help your colored nail polish go on smoothly and evenly. 

Refilling instructions: 

To refill the polish pen you must scroll off the top of the pen (the upper part with the brush). It is the white part that comes off from the see-through plastic. Throughly clean the brush and the inside of the pen, especially if you wish to pour in a new shade. Fill in the pen with new gel and scroll the top back on and it is ready to be used again! 

Available Shades :

  • GQ-014 - dark pink matte
  • GQ-020 - bright red matte
  • GQ-041 - peach matte
  • GQ-051 - shiny dark red matte
  • GQ-074 - light purple matte
  • GW-083 - light pink shiny
  • GQ-085 - bright pink shiny
  • GQ-087 - beige matte
  • GQ-108 - dark purple/brown matte
  • GF-036 - glitter light pink
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Gel Nail UV Polish Pen Soak Off Fashionable Colours Stylish Shades

Gel Nail UV Polish Pen Soak Off Fashionable Colours Stylish Shades