Glow Ice Cubes x 6 Light Cubes for drinks



Tray of 6 x Glowing ice cubes is a perfect touch to any event or party.

Great idea for kids theme birthday party, light up your cocktails or use it as party decoration..

Just drop frozen cubes into your drink or bucket with real ice cubes and they will light up..

Clear plastic cubes that look just like frozen ice cubes. They are made of clear sealed acrylic plastic and are 100% safe to put in your drink. They are waterproof and have no danger to your health.

Great for decoration as well: displaying them in the room or apart of table decoration, place them in a bucket of ice with chilled wine or champagne..

They are available in many colors : blue, red, yellow, green, white and multicolor.

Please note that a tray of 6 cubes contains same color.

Multicolor ice cubes keep rotating 6 different colors: green, blue, red, white, yellow, pink.

You do not need to turn them on or activate in any way. As soon as the sensor is in contact with liquid they light up. When you finish your drink and sensor dries out, they will automatically turn off.

You can place the tray in the freezer so they are chilled and ready to be used as real ice in your drinks.


  • Batteries are not replaceable.


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Glow Ice Cubes x 6 Light Cubes for drinks

Glow Ice Cubes x 6 Light Cubes for drinks