Grow your on chilli in a can



* Easy to use
* Just add water
* Includes spare packet of seeds
Chillis are a fruit that descend from varieties of capsicum. When you grind capsicum up, it becomes a spice known to us as Paprika. A Chilli plant can grow up to 2 metres tall.
Simply add water to the soil and seeds inside the tin. There is a spare packet of seeds provided under the tin.


Slide your finger under the ring and pull to remove the upper lid
Please dispose of metal lid properly
Pour water slowly until the contents are soaked with water
Remove the plastic cap at the bottom
Let out any excess water by opening up the metal seal so that excess water can escape
Please dispose of the metal lid properly
Replace the plastic cap
Expose the tin to plenty of light and sunshine
Pour in water regularly
Keep in constant room temperature between 20-25 degrees
Germination time of chilli takes approx. 5-7 days
Water your plant carefully once your seeds have germinated
Water your plants if soil becomes dry
The plant should be transferred into a bigger flowerpot once the plant requires more room to grow
You can use any spare seeds to plant into soil or flower pots
The spare seeds in the bag have a life span of 2 years
Contents: 1 x Tin with soil and chilli seeds
Dimensions: 10 x 6.5 cm

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Grow your on chilli in a can

Grow your on chilli in a can