Hair removal waxing machine wax warmer



Are you dreaming of silky legs and that this feeling would last long? Here is a great solution for home or professional use - hair removal waxing machine! It is simple to use and conveniently compact. Just plug it to the wall and wait till the wax gets warm and liquid. Apply the warm wax on your legs and put a waxing strip firmly on top of it. Remove the strip with a fast movement. Repeat the procedure if necessary to pull out some shorter hair. 


Model: W108-2

CE approval

1 x machine (LED indicator light to confirm power supply connected. The indicator light will change from RED color into BLUE to confirm the wax can be used in 20 minutes)

1 x wax cube (to be inserted into the machine) 

1 x 60ml pre wax treament

1 x 60ml wax cleaner 

1 x (100pcs) non-woven pager waxing strips

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Hair removal waxing machine wax warmer

Hair removal waxing machine wax warmer