Hands free Can Tin opener tool



Opening cans and jars can be a tedious task. Do it the smart way 100% Safe, simple and effective!

100% Safe for all ages- This unbelievable revolutionary kitchen product slices of can lids perfectly, leaving it’s edges smooth and round for you to even cover up your tin cans for storage once more!

Ergonomic grip and streamlined in design it is the perfect substitute to all that chunky electronic can opening machines.
The Rubber Jar Opener is made of anti-slip silicone designed to easily wring off jar or bottle tops. Never again worry about tight, contracted jar tops when placed in your freezer.
Three varying circumference designed to easily lift off jar or bottle tops of different sizes


Automatically opens can lids

Eliminates twisting, pulling and struggling
Simple operation
Opens round cans of all sizes
Easily lifts the lid of the opened can
Leaves no sharp edges on lid
100% Safe; lid reusable as cover for storage
Ergonomic streamlined grip
Perfect for users of all ages
Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)
Includes free Rubber Grip Jar Opener
Lift off can lids effortlessly in no time at all with just the push of a button.
Watch as the Hands Free Can Opener magically does all the work for you!
1) Position
2) Push “Start” Button
( rotates 360° in a circular motion slicing off the can lid)
3) Lift off a perfectly sliced lid easily


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Hands free Can Tin opener tool

Hands free Can Tin opener tool