Shock absorbing protection balls for Ipad



These balls are a shock-absorbing harness for the Apple iPad (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation). Four shock-absorbing balls fit over the corners of your iPad and are held in place by an adjustable elastic cord. Easy to attach and remove, they provide ultimate drop protection without adding weight or concealing your iPad. Dropped from any angle, it never touches the floor and is elevated above spills and sticky surfaces. Adding comfort and improved handling for every day use, you can also hang your iPad like a picture frame or remove one ball to orient into the perfect tilted typing position. 

The item is available in black, blue or pink colour. 


Four shock-absorbing foam rubber balls providing 360-degree drop protection (fit over iPad corners)
They can also be used for most Tablet-style devices that are the same approximate thickness as the iPad and Xoom
Adjustable cord allowing size adjustments for multiple Tablet brands including Apple iPad, Samson Galazy Tab 10.1, Motorola Xoom, HP Touchpad and Asus EEE Transformer
Enhances iPad stability and handling for work, play and gaming
Unique design allows iPads to hang like a picture frame or orient into the perfect tilted typing position
Elevates iPad above spills and sticky surfaces
They will fit and protect the Apple iPad 2 but the balls will cover the 'back' camera. For use of the 'back' camera, one ball is required to be moved to the side which can be done very easily! 

Warning: iPads are fragile devices. We do not recommend dropping or using in any way other than intended by the manufacturer. We offer no warranty against damage to your device. The item is not a toy.

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Shock absorbing protection balls for Ipad

Shock absorbing protection balls for Ipad