Insect Mosquito net magic mesh Door Screen



Magic Mesh: 

1. Easy installation
2. Keeps bugs out
3. Snap automatic closure
4. Easily washable

Magic mesh mosquito net keeps fresh air in and bugs out. Magic Mesh door cover instantly opens and magically snaps closed behind you. Magic Mesh fits in both standard and sliding door frames. With 18 powerful magnets, Magic Mesh closes quickly and automatically, even if your hands are full or your kids forget to close the door behind them. It also closes gently and quietly, eliminating slamming doors and screens.

Magic Mesh is great when you have pets - your dog/cat can come and go, and Magic Mesh will close on its own, keeping bugs out of your home. Magic Mesh can be installed in seconds with no screws and no hassle.

Measurements: 100 x 210 cm


Features of Magic Mesh:
Easy installation
Keeps the air in the house cool, when doors are opened
Keeps bugs out
Hands free exit
Closes gently and automatically
Perfect for single doors, sliding doors, and even campers

Available colours: Black

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Insect Mosquito net magic mesh Door Screen

Insect Mosquito net magic mesh Door Screen