LED Color Changing Vase Mood Lamp



2-In-1 Rainbow LED Lamp + Torch that has a Vase Design is a fantastic way to combine style and functionality. 

This 2-in-1 LED torch night light comes as a two piece set, with one piece being the base and the top piece being the torch but when combined they become a lamp. The torch is easily detachable from the best and has 3 high bright LEDs that are ideal for finding the bathroom at night when it is dark. The hand-hold torch will automatically turn on once it has been detached from the lamp base. 

The base is also a colorful changing light and sleeping light that automatically change colors such as blue and red. There is touch button that is indicated to switch on and off the torch and base mood light. This 2-in-1 torch and nightlight combination has low consumption and therefore a longer lifespan. It has a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery that can be recharged via the USB-to-DC cable that comes part of this package. Ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere, or to be used at birthday party instead of traditional candles, however it is most suited as a bed, office, or study light. 

The top part can be separately used as a torch or flashlight stick making this a great in the dark device.


  • LED Lamp + Torch
  • Ceramic Vase Design
  • Deatchable Flashlight
  • 3 x LEDs

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LED Color Changing Vase Mood Lamp

LED Color Changing Vase Mood Lamp