7 Color Change LED Glow Shower Head





Replace your existing shower head with the LED Colour changing Shower Head ! 

Silver shower head looks like a usual shower head but once you turn the water on it changes 7 colours.

Great novelty for all shower lovers.

Changes from green to blue to red and flashing red to purple. Taking a shower never been so fun!

This color showered does not require any additional energy sources.

Your shower requires sufficient water pressure in order for the LEDs to work. LED Lights are generated by water flowing through the showerhead


  • No batteries or wire needed as self powered by force of running water
  • Shower head changes color of the water using built-in LED's
  • The standard shower head handle fits most standard shower hoses
  • Will fit most hand-held shower heads
  • The shower head is on a swivel connection
  • Installation couldn't be easier and safe to use
  • Requires Minimum Operating Pressure : 0.1 Bar
  • Item in protective packaging but unboxed
  • The force of the water flowing through the head provides all the power needed for bright and colorful shower.
  • Standard mounting is compatible with most models of jet
  • Size: approx 78x 215MM


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7 Color Change LED Glow Shower Head

7 Color Change LED Glow Shower Head