LED light sensor lamp



The LED sensor light with 6 LED beads can be placed anywhere in the house where you need it! It switches ON and OFF automatically using its movement sensor. 

* Placed in bedroom - it will light up automatically when you get up in the middle of the night.

* Used in wardrobe, stair cabinet etc. 
* Fixed at restroom: when you come in the light will automatically turn on when entering the toilet and off when leaving. 
* If there occurs a power cut off the lamp can still be used. 
* Works perfect as a reading light. 
* Can be used in the corridor, basement, stairway, warehouse, garden or garage to avoid leaving the lights on and to save energy. 


LED lamp bead: 6 pieces
LED life: >80000H
Standby current: <0.05mA
Operating voltage: 6v
Operating current: <50mA
Sensitivity: 5-8m (distance) 90°(angle)
LED light powered by LR03 or 4×AAA batteries
Ambient temperature: -5°~ 40°
Ambient humidity: 5%--93%
Product size: 85mm (D) *45mm (H)
Super luminous flux, long lifespan
Fixed easily

Environment friendly, super saving power.

1. Automatic switch on when detecting movement of people.
2. Super sensitivity within 3 meter distance.
3. Wireless, easy to install, can be used anywhere you need light.
4. New white LED technology

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LED light sensor lamp

LED light sensor lamp