Medical Emergency Disaster Kit


The Outdoor Survival Kit is a handy survival kit filled with all necessary essential to take camping, hiking or other outdoor adventures, alsomusic festivals and holidays. Refill the set and add to your needs. Compact practical bag to fit all necessary items. One of the most complete survival kits on sale. Well over 30 items inside packed in a carry on bag.

 What's in the Outdoor Survival Kit pack?

1 artificial breath mask 20*29.5 2pcs

2 emergency blanket 160cmX210cm 2pcs

3 anti-nausea plaster 7*4CM 1bag

4 flashlight 1handle

5 hardware whistle 1pcs

6 disposable rain poncho large 2pcs

7 compass 1pcs

8 instant ice pack 100g 1bag

9 note book and pen 1set

10 First aid guide A4 1pcs

11 note book and pen 1set

12 scissor 9cm 1handle

13 plastic tweezers 11CM 1pcs

14 Gauze sponge 5*5cm 10bags

15 Gauze sponge 10*10cm 5bags

16 PBT bandage 7.5cmX4.5M 4rolls

17 non-woven triangular bandage 96*96*136cm 2bag

18 safety pin 2# 1string

19 non-woven tape 1.25cmX5m 1roll

20 tourniquet 46cm 1pcs

21 alcohol prep pad 5*5cm 10pcs

22 antiseptic wet wipe 5cm*6cm 10pcs

23 adhesive bandage 1.9*7.2cm 30pcs

24 adhesive bandage 6*10cm 5pcs

25 iodine buds 7.5cm 10pcs

26 first-aid kits/bag[home] 30﹡20﹡20CM 1pcs

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Medical Emergency Disaster Kit

Medical Emergency Disaster Kit