Mini MP3 USB portable FM radio speaker



Great performance and excellent sound quality with this mini MP3 portable radio - equipped with micro SD memory for music playback, USB, FM radio function, lithium battery, and much more!

Micro SD memory for music playback
USB flash drive input music playback.
FM radio function
Built-in high capacity lithium battery.
MINI/5P USB charging and audio input jack.
1 * 3W 4Ω, Φ45mm strong magnetic speaker hi-fi.
Built-in low power consumption and small distortion rated 3W digital amplifier.
Universal 3.5mm audio output jack.
4 separate buttons function: MODE (FM / TF / USB / LINE IN), VOL-/PREV, VOL + / NEXT, PLAY / PAUSE button.
Multifunction digital LED display.
Clock / Data Visualization / Download / USB sound card playing function Battery Alarm.

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Mini MP3 USB portable FM radio speaker

Mini MP3 USB portable FM radio speaker