MP3 wireless doorbell system



The MP3 Doorbell lets your choose any MP3 as your doorbell tone

Give your home a personal touch with a MP3 DJ doorbell. This innovative acquaintance-announcer allows you to replace the tedious ding-donging of their former bell with any MP3 sound file. Folks transfer their desired sound from their computers to the doorbell via an easy-to-use USB cable, allowing them a wealth of options. You can choose whatever sound you like for your new doorbell tone, from a comic sound effect to a bass-heavy funk jam that makes every visiting friend seem like a recurring guest star on a tv show. 90MB of built-in memory allows to store a number of songs at any time. The product also features MP3-editing software which helps adjust your songs and tones on your computer to create the ideal doorbell. 




Personalised doorbell tones
90MB of built-in memory
Transfer MP3 songs from computer via USB
Built-in speakers
Capable of storing several songs at once
Wireless installation


Select a time
MP3 wireless doorbell system

MP3 wireless doorbell system