Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm



ESRB rating: Teen
Platform : Playstation 3

The #1 action-fighting game series based on Naruto arrives on PLAYSTATION®3 system, continuing its reign over the next generation of video games. With gorgeous cinematic quality HD graphics, a revolutionary next-gen battle system, multi-dimensional battlegrounds and a seamlessly explorable world, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm will capture the heart of any gamer!


  • Experience Jaw-Dropping Cinematic Quality HD Graphics: Cinema-quality animation comes to life in high definition. The line between Naruto animation and gaming disappears!
  • Roam Freely on Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Battlegrounds:  Battle on robust, multi- dimensional battlegrounds. Take advantage of the unique characteristics of each battlefield! You are no longer limited to flat surfaces.
  • Unleash Your Ninja Dream Team:  Form your own three-man dream squad! Unleash your allies to defend you in battle or have them perform cooperative attacks against your opponents!
  • Discover A Brand New Mission-Based Adventure Mode:  Challenge a total of 100 compelling missions in Ultimate Mission Mode and experience the original animated TV series storyline through the Sasuke Retrieval Arc!
  • Unleash Massive Secret Techniques on An Unprecedented Scale:  Using the power of the PLAYSTATION®3 system, you can now destroy your enemies with bigger, meaner, stronger and more cinematic secret techniques!
  • Master 25 Fully Transformable Warriors:  Behold your characters transforming into powerful warriors in battle! All characters will possess amazing power that expands the scale of a battle to unprecedented levels!
  • Engage in Giant Creature Battles:  Face-off against the giant, legendary creatures of the NARUTO universe on a colossal scale!


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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm