New Knife Sharpener Grinder Edge of Glory



Product Specifications:   

 100%Brand New
 Quick And Easy
 Super Suction Grip
 Dual Hardened Tungsten
 Carbide Teeth

This knife sharpener can easily be secured to any flat surface with this suction base on the bottom of the sharpener.

The sharpener is designed for safe, quick efficient and convenient sharpening.

This is an innovative knife sharpener, easy-to-use have a perfect edge on any blade.

Good tool for you to sharpen knives safely.

An eco-friendly product that sharpens your knives perfectly and reusable.

It is mini, portable, and can be securely fastened on any flat surface making the knife sharpening process nothing less than effortless!

Sharpens serrated knives, kitchen shears, scissors & all blades.

Slice, dice and filet fish, apples, tomatoes, onions, pineapple, peppers, bread easy !

Tungsten carbide steel sharpening blades.


Size: XXL size

Colors: Black and White

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New Knife Sharpener Grinder Edge of Glory

New Knife Sharpener Grinder Edge of Glory