Pest Reject Bug Portable Repellent




Easy to use at home or travelog. 

Say goodbye to all that flies and crawls with this ultrasonic device. 

Should be installed at 80-120 centimeter away from the floor and plugged vertical to the socket to the floor. 

The installing point should be away from carpets, curtains. Otherwise it will decrease the ultra sound effect. 

No-foxic, environment-friendly



22-65KHz of ultrasonic repelling frequency

For 80-120sqm of protection.


  • Frequency ranges:   22-65KHZ

  • Power source:          AC 90V-250V 50-60Hz

  • Power:                      5-6W

  • Plug:                         EU plug

  • Size:                         88x55x33 mm (approx)

Cleaning: Use dry and soft cloth with some wash spray to clean the machine


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    Pest Reject Bug Portable Repellent

    Pest Reject Bug Portable Repellent