Portable Outdoor Mosquito insect repeller



The mosquito repeller uses an advanced technolgy insect repellent that makes outdoor living and activities more enjoyable keeping the annoyance of mosquitoes away. It protects you from bites you while you're fishing, camping, hiking, jogging, on the golf course or just relaxing on your patio or porch.

No poisons, no traps, no dead pest cleanup, no chemicals, no polluting, no smoke, no sprays, no odor
Intelligent design, uses micro-computer IC technology
Two repell modes (dragonfly or mosquito) - choose one of them according to the environment
Completely Portable: Strap for neck placement and "Clip-on" attachment for belts, wrist strap and pockets
Push button design for low battery check and lighting torch
Slide switch for power ON/OFF
Environmentally safe, no smell and no harm to human beings, pets and animals
Low power consumption, suitable for long operation
Flashlight function, the small red light can be used in the night


How to use:

Install the new lithium battery into battery compartment
Select the mosquito position (I) or dragonfly position (II) mode by switching the slide knob
Push the side of switch cover for torch light
Power off - switch the knob to "0" position

Used in:
Homes and apartments
Gardens and farms
Country side
River side
Forest, mountains

Package includes:
1 x Portable Watch Type UltraSonic Mosquito Repeller

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Portable Outdoor Mosquito insect repeller

Portable Outdoor Mosquito insect repeller