Portable travel small digital personal weight scale



Electronic Travel Personal Scale is perfect for keeping track of your body weight wherever you travel. Smaller than an iPad, this scale is small enough to fit in your bag or suitcase.

This scale is suitable for most surfaces. Weigh your luggage with the hold weight feature and choose to display it in either pounds or kilograms.

These travel sized, portable digital body scales are ultimate in compact and have a sleek design. If you travel a lot and find yourself living out of hotels, then these scales will suit your lifestyle. They are compact enough to fit in a handbag and give an accurate digital reading of your weight in either kilograms or pounds.

The scales may be lightweight but they are super strong being able to hold a maximum weight of up to 150kg/330lb on its toughened glass surface. Because the scales are digital all you need to do is step on them to automatically switch it on and get a weight. Your weight will display as bright red LED numbers, beeping at you when the correct weight has been measured. 


Small enough to fit in your purse or bag

Up to 330 lb capacity
Digital display
Hold weight feature for weighing luggage
Batteries required

Select a time
Portable travel small digital personal weight scale

Portable travel small digital personal weight scale