Remote Led Light Color Changing Bulb With Controller


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Remote Controlled Colour Changing LED Light Bulb

5 different lighting programs, 16 static colours
Dimmer intensity setting - Remote control (included) range of 10m
Memory function means bulb will return to same colour or programme it was on when switched off via remote control. When turned off and turned on via light switch the bulb returns to brilliant white - very handy!!
The energy saving benefits of LED bulbs are tremendous. This bulb offers 88% Energy Saving. Based on 6 hours of use per day this spotlight will save you approximately 100 KWh per year and last 22 years.
With the compact remote control you can switch the bulb on or off, change the colour, change to pure White light or change the light intensity.

This amazing energy-saving LED light bulb lets you change the colour, atmosphere and mood of any room at the touch of a button.


Choose from five available settings: 

- Static - either in your preferred colour or pure White light
- Fade - gradually fades through each colour in the spectrum
- Flash - jumps to a different colour every second
- Strobe - turns Red, Green and Blue on and off in fast sequence
- Smooth - gently switches from Red, Green and Blue

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Remote Led Light Color Changing Bulb With Controller

Remote Led Light Color Changing Bulb With Controller