Runaway running alarm clock



Snooze-button addicts and deep sleepers are no match for Clocky, the sentient alarm clock that rolls off the nightstand when it's time to wake up. If sleepers don’t rise, the device jumps from nightstands up to 3' high and scurries throughout the room, dodging sluggish slaps and halfhearted kicks. Its simple interface allows for easy navigation, and a tough, protective exterior lets Clocky perform its duties in any space, from college dorm rooms to the elegant postmodern bunkers inside the earth's core.

Alarm clock jumps from nightstands up the 3' high and rolls throughout bedrooms encouraging sleepers to wake up


Jumps from nightstand and rolls away
Durable design can jump from 3' high
Robotic sound effects inspired by R2D2’s first mix tape
Option to snooze once or disable snooze
Wheels can be disabled for use as a conventional alarm clock
Flashing backlight indicator
Dimensions: 5.25"x3.42"x3.42"


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Runaway running alarm clock

Runaway running alarm clock