Earphones for Iphone White Headphones


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Stereo Headset for Iphone provides superior comfort, fit, and sound quality. The Stereo Headset also features a high performance microphone — fitted with a windscreen for added clarity — that is positioned inline on the cabling for the right earphone. The microphone capsule also serves as a Send/End button, for answering and ending of iPhone calls, and it even controls basic music playback.

High Quality For Apple iPhone

The microphone function

Excellent sound quality and super clear sound

High quality Hands-Free Stereo Headset w/ microphone

With one press you can answer your call immediately (very convenient while you are listening to your favorite music) once the call hang up, your favorite music will come up again automatically and you don’t need to touch anything

Can also toggle the Play or Pause for your music with a simple press on the On/Off button (you don’t even need to touch any icon on the iPhone screen for this

Double press on the microphone, it will forward to the next song


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Earphones for Iphone White Headphones

Earphones for Iphone White Headphones