Solar Charger for Mobile Phones & USB Devices



This Solar Powered Charger allows you to harness the energy of the Sun for your benefit. The Solar Powered Charger, with its high battery capacity, can store more than enough power to fully charge most USB devices/phones. The charger collects power via the solar panel which then in turn stores the collected power within the charger's battery. Great for trips where you won't have access to a power outlet or need the ability to charge on the go.
Product features:
High solar-to-electric power transformation rate
Fast-charging of your mobile electronic devices
Professional overcharge protection circuit
High temperature protection
Intelligent circuit design to protect over-discharge of the SOLAR battery
Patent pending for the technology of intelligent voltage adjustment;
Double short-circuit protection
Tri-color indicator for various voltage modes when charging or discharging


Package includes:
1 x Solar Battery Charger
1 x USB Charge Cable
5 x Assorted phone power connectors (for Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, Motorola)
1 x Mini USB Converter
1 x English Manual

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Solar Charger for Mobile Phones & USB Devices

Solar Charger for Mobile Phones & USB Devices