Sports support band for protecting joints



Sports / therapy support tendon or when having joint problems

Unique 3 in 1 product - with adjustable fit to suit both ankles, wrists and knees

Usable in both cold (chilled in the freezer) or hot (heated in microwave) to lessen pain

Provides support and protection when the injury heals

2 x extra straps included for extra support

Sports / therapy support fits both you as an athlete, exerciser or when need help in everyday life.

The support is used for strains and joint problems - and protects the damaged area while accelerating the healing process.

Sports / therapy support band can be used for both hot and cold, depending on whether you want to relieve pain, reduce swelling and increase mobility.

Support has 2 extra straps for improved fit and extra support of the damaged area.

Unique 3-in-1 product thanks to an adjustable fit that fits both wrists, ankles or knees

Easy to use. Accelerates the healing process

Cooling will decrease swelling and relieve pain

Heat relieves pain and increase movement ability

Protects the damage in the healing process

Heating / cooling therapy provides support and prevents further damage

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Sports support band for protecting joints

Sports support band for protecting joints