Super Street Fighter IV (PS3) U.K PAL


System: PS3
Rating: 12 and over
Genre: Beat’em Up
Players: 1 – 2

Prepare for combat in the ultimate version of Street Fighter IV

Enjoy brand new fighters such as the mysterious female Juri, and the return of old favourites.
Battle in the enhanced online experience including team battle, replay channel, endless battle and tournament mode.

Deadly beauty from around the world
From its opening salvo of a striking introduction and dramatic music, Super Street Fighter IV impresses. Retaining the distinctive hand-painted appearance of SFIV, Capcom’s beat 'em up features gorgeously animated visuals, flashy moves and a variation of styles in both the fighters’ looks and the backdrops they battle on.
While each battler has their own distinct visual personality that comes to life during the fight, the scenery around them is also alive with detail. From the dizzying heights of Metro City (home of the popular Final Fight characters Guy and Cody, who are also playable) to the open safari complete with giraffes and hippos taking in the fight, there’s always something to be entertained by, whether you’re fighting or not.
There are some well thought out extras as well, such as the more dramatic presentation of rival fights, where two bitterly contested characters clash in the game’s main storyline. During these bouts the rivals will constantly talk and taunt each other, adding an extra layer of tension and competitiveness to the battle.
Everything to do with Super Street Fighter IV’s presentation has been designed to help ramp up the drama and fun of the game. Its polished exterior holds easy ways for newcomers to get into the action (thanks to tutorials, button mapping options and a streamlined menu), while those familiar with the series will feel right at home with the animated cutscenes and unlockable extras.

Challenge yourself with the return of the classic car and barrel bonus stages.

• Ultimate version of critically acclaimed and commercially successful Street Fighter IV.
• 35 playable characters: 10 new fighters added to the original 25 fighters
• 19 stages: 6 all-new stages join the original 13
• Enhanced Online Mode: Tag Match Mode: 2-player lobby where players practice until they are challenged – Tournament Mode: User-created Multiplayer lobbies – SFIV Channel: Watch and save replays of other online fights
• 2 Bonus Stages added: The famed SFII bonus stages return
• Revised Challenge Mode features new challenges to master
• Street Fighter TV: Watch replays of top matches
• Additional enhancements include: – Retuned and Rebalanced Characters – Each fighter receives an additional Ultra Attack, for a total of two each – Enhanced Storylines and rivalries – All-new Gallery mode featuring new art and animation

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Super Street Fighter IV (PS3) U.K PAL

Super Street Fighter IV (PS3) U.K PAL