Talking Sensor Projection Alarm Clock Home or Office



This talking projection clock is multi-fucntional, compact and practical. It is a must in your daily life.
Acoustic control design
Sound or vibration will turn on the backlight
Voice broadcast function in English
Press TALKING key quickly, it will broadcast time and temperature
Press TALKING key for 2 seconds, it will broadcast year, month, day and week
With projection light and backlight

How to use?

As you can see there are 5 button : mode, timer, set, up, down on the back of the clock
You can press the mode button to change the clock to show alarm clock or normal time show mode
press the timer to show the countdown
Press the set button you can to set up time and calendar
when press one you can set up the hour use up and down button
when press the set second time u can set up minutes with the up and down button
when press it the third time you can set up the year of the calendar with the same two button
when press it fourth and fifth time you can set up the date of the calendar and then the week also will be changed
Press the Talking key on the head to talk time and temperature.
Press the talking key for 2 seconds to talk date and week day.


Screen: 2.5"Screen
Sound controlled backlight and projection display
Needs extra 3pcs AAA batteries to work (Not included)
Projection TIME function
Talking time and temperature
Talking time of integer hour
LCD Clock with Calendar
Digital Thermometer
Alarm and Snooze function
Language: English
Sensor: Sounds / Vibration flash in LED backlight, Or Choose SENSOR: ON/OFF
Talking function: English By TALKING key in a short time, can TALKING time/temperature
Calendar: Can be changed From Jan. 1st 2010 to Dec. 31th. 2099.12-hour or 24-hour Format for chose
Digital Thermometer: (range: Russian - 30 ° ~ 50 ° C and- 10 ° ~ 50 ° C)
Alarm with Music/Snooze
Projected length: < 3m (in the dark night)
Voice DB: >60DB, So that the product can be induced

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Talking Sensor Projection Alarm Clock Home or Office

Talking Sensor Projection Alarm Clock Home or Office