The Sticky Roller 3 set: Original, Jumbo and Mini



The sticky roller picks up pet hair, lint, crumbs, dust and dirt quickly and easy from suits, garments, furniture, car seats, floorboards and much much more. 

Made from high-grade silicone, the Sticky Roller is slippery when wet and always remains sticky when dry. It contains no toxic glues or adhesives and leaves no residue! Rinse Sticky Roller in warm soapy water and watch the lint, hair, and fuzz fall right off!

3 Perfect Sizes for Every Cleaning Need:

  • Original size - Perfect for cleaning pet hair, lint, dust, dirt and crumbs from furniture, garments, car seats and more. With the Sticky Roller you can rid your life of lint and pet hair today!
  • Mini size - Ideal for touching up sweaters, dress coats, and uniforms, our compact folding personal size model fits in your purse, pocket, briefcase or glove compartment to use for touching up when you travel.
  • Jumbo size - Use for hard to reach places such as the stairs, under the bed, for car floor mats or drapes. The Jumbo Sticky Roller has a three foot telescoping handle.
    All sticky rollers come with a protective case for easy storage and can be used on almost any fabric. Start making your life easier today and stick with a Sticky Roller. 


Package includes:

3 different size rollers

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The Sticky Roller 3 set: Original, Jumbo and Mini

The Sticky Roller 3 set: Original, Jumbo and Mini