Smart Sensor Touch Light Alarm Clock



Snooze Light Large Digital LCD Clock Alarm Clock with Sensor Light

The clock incorporates a new innovative technology called smartlight that enables the dot matrix display to automatically illuminate for easy night-time viewing 

This is a very nice shaped clock, made by fashion bright yellow green color housing, and used high technology of touch to light up backlight, sensor backlight according to darkness, and digital LCD display. The display includes year / date / time (12/24 choice) / alarm and temperature, but they are easy to be adjusted.
Time Setting:
Slide button 5 to the time setting position. Press 12/24 button to choose 12 hours or 24 hours you want. Button 1 is for adjusting hour, button 2 is for adjusting minutes under time setting condition.
Date Setting:
Slide button 5 to the date setting position. Press button 4 to adjust year, button 2 to adjust date, button 1 to adjust month.
Alarm Setting:
Slide button 5 to the alarm setting position. Press button 1 to adjust hour, button 2 to adjust minute. Slide alarm ON / OFF to open or close this alarm. When the alarm is ringing, touch button also can stop it.
When the sensor function is opened. Clock will automatically light up backlight if the ambient light is weak, otherwise not open.

Color: orange, white, blue, green


Large LCD Display.

12/24 Hours Format Selection.
Snooze function - the alarm signal is repeated every five minutes.
Intelligent blue backlight, built-in sensor to turn on/off the backlight automatically.
Size: 5.25" x 2.75" x 1.75" inches.
Power : 3 X AAA bateries (not included)

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Smart Sensor Touch Light Alarm Clock

Smart Sensor Touch Light Alarm Clock