Starry Sky Optical LED Glow Twilight Umbrella



Umbrellas can be used to shelter you from the rain or shade you from the sun. This is more for the night or a really dark and stormy day. Thanks to sophisticated fiber-optic technology, the stars really twinkle and glow, turning a classic black umbrella into an awesome light display. Tiny LEDs either shiny in a steady glow or blink on and off at your choosing. 

The Umbrella is double sided in lights so it will illuminate the top of the umbrella as well as illuminate the underneith of it. Allow yourself the pleasure of seeing the twilight effect with this fantastic edition and keep yourself protected from the rain. 
The umbrella is a full 87 cm (35 inches) in length and, during the day, it looks like an innocent umbrella that you could take in to the office without anyone knowing it's illuminating secret. Until you show them its sparkling features! 

This is simply fantastic and extremely sturdy. Theres no worries that it will turn inside out in the wind, and it looks beautiful twinkling away against the night sky. Great for visibility and extremely fun any age, you get a surprising amount of light from it, making it easier to see where you are stepping when you have low street lights!


Stylish excellent quality black umbrella
Increases safety, makes you more visible
Size: 87cm Length
Creates the effect of a starry night sky
Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included) 

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Starry Sky Optical LED Glow Twilight Umbrella

Starry Sky Optical LED Glow Twilight Umbrella