UMD Door Steel Ring For SONY PSP



  • Sony PSP repair part: New shiny UMD Door trim ring + instructions on how to change it
  • Quality Stainless steel replacement Trim Ring for your UMD door With self adhesive backing 
  • It has a sticky side
  • Your old scratched trim ring is just stuck to the PSP with adhesive
  • Use a pin or small screwdriver to lift the old scratched trim ring off the PSP
  • Once you get it started you can just peel it off and throw it away
  • Get your new shiny trim ring and just stick it in the place of the old scratched on


  • This is so quick and easy 
  • The back of your PSP will look like new in a few seconds

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UMD Door Steel Ring For SONY PSP

UMD Door Steel Ring For SONY PSP