USB air humidifier and purifier



Purification function: The dust, smell of cigarettes, bacteria will be indrawn into water for decomposition or precipitation
Aroma diffuser: you can add several drops of essential oil into the water so as to make the purified air fragrant and refreshing
Perfect for household decoration
Wide application: suitable for office, home, hotel, beauty salon etc
Silent design, running almost noiseless
Environmental friendly, energy saving: only 1 watt, just use tap water, it is highly recommended to use distilled water for better fresh air

Works via USB connection and can be plugged to your computer (wall plug not included) 


Material: ABS + electronic components

Interface: USB

Power Supply: DC 5V

Features: Air humidifier

Ideal for alleviating dryness in air and maintaining humidity for comfort and skin care spa

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USB air humidifier and purifier

USB air humidifier and purifier