Vertical Garden Planters Wall Planter with 4 Pockets



You can quickly and easily create lush green walls and magnificent vertical gardens on any indoor or outdoor wall, fence or railing.

Vertical Wall Planter gets your fences and walls covered with plants. This product makes vertical garden or living walls easy.

Just hang on your wall and place your plants inside. Vertical wall planters are felt pockets made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. These felt pockets are designed to hang on your wall to create an instant vertical garden. They’re designed to be easy to use and can be installed almost anywhere!
Vertical wall planter are great for growing herbs,flowers and vegetables. Vertical Wall planter work well outdoors as well and are perfect for sprucing up your fence or deck with beautiful, lush plants.

Vertical Wall Planter is ideal for gardeners with limited space, challenging growing conditions, drought-prone climates, areas with poor soil, urban settings, condos, decks, or pool yards

What to grow?

Vertical wall planter is ideal for most vegetables, herbs and flowering plants. Compact and bush-type varieties grow especially well. The key is plant placement. Arrange plants so that taller varieties do not shade smaller plants as they grow. Place herbs, beans, peppers, broccoli and other non-sprawling plants in the upper part of the Green Field™ Vertical Wall Planter, and sprawling varieties, like squash and pickles, in the bottom chambers.



Made of a breathable felt from 100% recycled plastic bottles

Soft black felt, lightweight design for easy movement and hanging

Easy install,easy to maintain

Soft-sided, breathable, modular and ready for your planting ideas

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Vertical Garden Planters Wall Planter with 4 Pockets

Vertical Garden Planters Wall Planter with 4 Pockets