Waterproof 50 LED Super Bright Solar Lights 6.9m



Perhaps the most beneficial feature of solar powered Christmas lights is the fact that you no longer have to plan your lighting scheme around the location of your electrical outlets. Now, you don’t have to locate your power outlets and run multiple extension cords, since the Christmas lights will be powered not by electricity, but by the sun’s rays. 

A small solar collector is connected to the string of lights, It recharges its batteries throughout the day and stores the power for the dark hours. They have a photocell that will turn them on just before dark and then turn them back off when the sun rises in the morning. It is important to make sure the power panel is facing the sun and not blocked by trees or any other objects. 

Quality solar lights can be used in any weather. Moreover, you can use the LED lights throughout the year as party lights or garden decoration! 

Eco Friendly Solar LED String Lights can work for up to 8 hours a night
Function to turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically at dawn
ON/OFF switch
2 lighting modes - all the bulbs constantly on or all bulbs flashing
Wall mount and stake mount supplied
Standard AA rechargeable batteries supplied
Batteries easily replaceable
Low voltage, safe to use outdoors with any weather


Solar Panel: 2V, 150mA
Battery: Ni-MH, 1000mAh,1pcs
LED: 100 white, blue, green, yellow, pink
Wire Color: Dark Green
Length of wire lead: 2m
Space between LED approx: 10cm
Total length of light string approx: 6.9m
Panel Box Size: 130*90*22mm
Total height with stake: 295mm
Ground Stake: 1pc
Operation Model: Constantly/Blinking
Controller: Day/Night Sensor
Lighting Time: 8 hrs after full sunny day
Certificate: CE and RoHS
Size of color box: 160*150*80mm
Use: Suitable for Holiday or Night Party

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Waterproof 50 LED Super Bright Solar Lights 6.9m

Waterproof 50 LED Super Bright Solar Lights 6.9m