Waterproof Waist Bag for Camera/Mobile Phones



This waterproof, dry waist bag is made from more 98% transparent material. Designed to card camera, mobile devices and other sundries. It features 100% water repellency under 5 meter depth. The bag protects you sundries from water, snow, fog, moisture, dust and sand. It is suitable for outdoor sports.


  • Made of dedicated soft TPU material, which has high-security performance waterproofing effects
  • Waterproof up to 5 meters in the water
  • Triple protection: Two layer of airtight sealing closure and a piece of adhesive tape, fully protect your device
  • The dry bag is with a retractable waist band for you to adjust
  • If falling into the water when using this product, the camera will automatically float on the water
  • This waterproof bag can be used to put card digital camera, mobile phone and other sundaries such as purse, wallet, key. Makes you enjoy swimming or drifting.
  • It is also girls necessity for storing skin care product when doing outdoor sports
  • Not compatible with SLR, DSLR cameras


Package includes:

  • 1 x Dry Bag Waterproof Waist Bag for Camera/Mobile Phone/Sundries
  • 1 x Use Manual


  • 1. Before using this product, please do water testing and check whether there is a damaged part, especially in and around the sealed; Do not continuously use it at high temperature
  • 2. Apply to the temperature between -15 degree ~ 35 degree; Do not use it in hot spring.
  • 3. After using in the water, please make the seal downward to avoid the residual moisture into the inner bag if you need to retrieve the camera.
  • 4. After each use, check the seal, dry water and store it with original packaging to avoid strong impacts and scratches.

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Waterproof Waist Bag for Camera/Mobile Phones

Waterproof Waist Bag for Camera/Mobile Phones